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SCUBA DIVE LOGS: Ambergris Caye, Belize


Sunday - 6 Aug 06:

AM: Tuffy Canyon

Jason’s pics: 318-334

          Nurse sharks basking on the bottom.

          At the end of the dive saw a large school of fish

          Depth: 90’   Time: 27 min   Temp: 84F


PM:      Boca Ciega

Jason’s pics: 337-349

          Moray eel and grouper

          Depth: 66’   Time: 51 min   Temp: 84F


Monday - 7 Aug 06:

AM:     Victoria Tunnel

Jason’s pics: 352-362

          Went thru tunnel. Stingrays

          Depth: 95’   Time: 49 min   Temp: 82F



PM:      Cypress Garden

Jason’s pics: 363-378 

          Divemaster had bate lots of sharks, grouper and snappers.

          Interacted with nurse sharks. 

          Depth: 59’   Time: 56 min   Temp: 84F


PM:      Hol Chan Cut Night Dive

          Octopus, barracuda, crab, lobster & moray eels

Huge parrot fish hiding in coral

          Depth: 28’   Time: 58 min   Temp: 84F


Tuesday - 8 Aug 06:

AM:     Eagle Ray Alley

Jason’s pics: 380-391

          Saw a spotted eagle rays

          Depth: 80’   Time: 49 min   Temp: 84F


PM:      Shark and Ray Alley Snorkel

Jason’s pics: 398-451

          Saw sea turtle swimming


PM:      Pillar Coral Jason’s

Jason’s pics: 452-485

          Depth: 63’   Time: 46 min   Temp: 84F


Wednesday - 9 Aug 06:

AM:     The Blue Hole Dive

          Several Reef Sharks and a

          Bull Shark during the ascent!!

          Depth: 130+’   Time: 22 min   Temp: 79F


AM:     Half Moon Caye (wall dive)

Jason’s pics: 489 -522

          Depth: 57’   Time: 47 min   Temp: 84F




LUNCH: Half Moon Caye/Booby Sanctuary

Jason’s pics: 523-543


PM:      Aquarium (wall dive)

Jason’s pics: 544-578

Depth: 66’   Time: 52 min   Temp: 84F


Thursday - 10 Aug 06:

AM:     Tackle Box

Jason’s pics: 579-582

          Went thru several swim throughs. Saw moray eel out swimming.

Depth: 83’    Time: 48 min   Temp: 84F


PM:      Cypress Tunnel

Jason’s pics: 583-614 

          Saw trunkfish, stingray in sandy bottom that took off,

          Divemaster had bate lots of sharks, grouper and snappers.

          Interacted with nurse sharks.

Depth: 74’     Time: 55 min    Temp: 84F


Belize 2006



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